The Guitarist Guide to Effect Pedals

Get a little bit closer to that perfect guitar sound you're hearing in your head
The Guitarist Guide to Effect Pedals

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Computer musicians have their plug ins, drummers have their cymbals, singers have their bottles of water, and bassists have their...lead. But of all the musicians, guitarists are truly blessed. Not only do we have the most expensive instrument in the world in our hands and towering stacks of amplification behind us, but at our feet we have rows of beautifully designed, diminutive, yet all powerful boxes of sonic possibility ready and waiting to be unleashed with a single well timed stomp.
In these pages we begin to acquaint ourselves with how they evolved in an article written by renowned author and effects aficionado, Dave Hunter.
We name the best effected sounds of all time and examine all the main types of modern effects with expert buying advice for all budgets.
We examine the secrets behind the classic effects setups of six of the greatest guitarists of all time from Jimi to Van Halen.
Then to round it all off we delve into the sounds of crazy out there stomp boxes.
Contents Include:
  • The Evolution of FX
  • 50 greatest effected guitar sounds
  • How to design and build your own pedal board
  • The 101 best stomp boxes of all time.....ever

Published: October 2013
Pages: 130
Dimensions: 1297 x 210 mm