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Play Guitar Now! Learn Bass

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Bass is a wonderful instrument to play. In many respects you, the bass player, wield the real power in the band. You’re the one that ties the drums together with the guitars and keyboards. You can influence the entire feel of a track, depending on the use of pick or fingers to pluck strings, whether you pulse notes or play four to the bar; or whether you make the part simple or busy.

The bassist is often the defining member when it comes to stamping a style, too - think of swinging jazz or the walking blues bass line; the galloping rock feel or the jumpy Motown melody; and how about slap bass or the busy motifs of funk. And while we don’t deal with these aspects here, there’s five, six, even eight-string bass, not to mention fretless. So your lot as a bassist is not a simple one - a lot rests on your shoulders.

Where a guitarist, for instance, can wait a beat or two before playing a chord or lick, you have to play the right note, on the right beat, with the right feel. But all this can make you a much-sought-after commodity - a great bassist is rarely out of work. And that’s where this DVD/ magazine can help. David Johnston’s excellent tutorial takes you clearly through vital scales, riff s, exercises and some superb full peices in several key styles. He’s a lovely player and an engaging teacher, and if you follow his lead the intriguing and ultimately rewarding world of bass awaits. 

Features include:

  • Getting started with our Bass exercises.
  • The building blocks: Learn Bass scales.
  • Bass styles: Blues, Motown, Swing, Rock & more.

Published: February 2014

Dimensions: 297 x 210mm

Pages: 16