Play Guitar Now: Funk!

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Play Guitar Now: Funk!

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Think of the range of styles that funk boasts: the pop-funk glitz of Kool And The Gang, the almost sleazy vibe of The Meters, the riffy genius of Rick James, the jazzy brilliance of Earth, Wind And Fire, the punk-funk of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the sophisticated swagger of Rufus with Chaka Khan, and the wonderful arrogance of the Godfather himself, James Brown. Funk is real music, played by real musicians. Often it features high technical ability and is usually informed by jazz, R&B, gospel and even blues.

Features Include:

  • NILE RODGERS CHIC: One of the most successful writers and producers of all time, Chic’s Nile Rodgers is a funk guitar genius and music legend.

  • JAMIROQUAI:  This British band grew out of the ashes of acid jazz to become soul-funk superstars.

  • KOOL AND THE GANG: Funk-pop anthems, groovy soul ballads, clever hooks and more hits than almost any other funk act before or since.

  • Plus, a free CD and much more!


Published: November 2013

Dimensions: 320mm x 210mm