Play Guitar Now! Acoustic Roots

Learn the licks, chords, tunings, strumming & picking techniques of today’s top players
Play Guitar Now! Acoustic Roots

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Prepare for some folky frolics and fingerpicking fun! We bring you Acoustic Roots from the 'Play Guitar' now series!
Features include:
  • Essential Fingerstyle Techniques - Much acoustic music is played fingerstyle, using the nails of the picking hand thumb and fingers. And we show you how!
  • Traditional Folk Rhythm - Simple pieces like this form the foundation upon which so much modern folk-rock is based. 
  • Bluesgrass Solo - Flex your fingers and strap yourself in - things are going to get scary! But start slowly, speed up gradually and you’ll soon be motoring.

Published: June 2014
Dimensions: 16
Pages: 297 x 210mm