Make Money From Your Music

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Make Money From Your Music

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Forget the doom and gloom forecasts you may have heard, there has actually never been
so much potential for artists and musicians to earn a living in the music industry. Sure,
with both major labels and indies taking a hit from online distribution, and
developments in technology meaning fl ashy studios are no longer a necessity, the days
of the traditional route being the only way in the music industry no longer apply. But this
doesn’t mean there is no money to be made in music. Far from it.

This fantastic guide gives you hints and tips from the experts on how to get started making money from your music.

Features include:

  • How to survive in the music business.
  • How to get gigs.
  • How to use the media tools that matter.
  • Artist interviews and more!

Published: January 2014

Dimensions: 297 x 210mm

Pages: 128