Mind, Body & Soul : Yoga & Pilates

A fusion of Pilates & Yoga to calm the mind and refresh the body.
Mind, Body & Soul : Yoga & Pilates

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If you’re looking to lose weight, get fit, reduce stress or all three, this 132-page Pilates & Yoga guide can help. It combines the best of Eastern and Western exercise routines to help you create a healthier you – no matter what your current level of activity or fitness level.

It shows you how to accomplish a wide variety of exercises from beginner to intermediate to advanced and explains how each one can help you get fit both physically and mentally. Each exercise has been crafted by expert pilates / yoga instructor Jill Everett, with step-by-step instructions and photos to help you carry out each one. Have fun!

Features include:

  • Getting started
  • Pre-Exercise & Warm-Up.
  • Beginner & intermediate programmes.
  • Plus more!



Published: January 2014

Dimensions: 297 X 210mm

Pages: 128