History of Witchcraft

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Published 25th January

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In the History of Witchcraft, we cover everything you need to know about the hunts and trials that cut a bloody swathe across Europe and the American colonies from the Medieval times to the Early Modern age. Uncover the true stories of the panic and paranoia that swept towns up into hysteria, from accusations at Pendle Hill in Lancashire, England, to the madness of the Salem Witch Trials leading to the execution of 20 people. Find out what tools, ingredients and magical tomes real cunning folk depended on and what concoction could cure stomach ulcers. Investigate the exploits of the notorious Matthew Hopkins, the self-styled Witchfinder General who made it his mission to punish anyone whom he believed to be practising the works of the Devil. Packed with incredible illustrations and insights, this is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to learn about this dark period of history.

- The dawn of the witch
- 15 notorious witches
- Gunnhild, Mother of Kings
- Joan of Navarre
- The betrayal of the Knights Templar
- Eleanor Cobham
- Elizabeth Woodville
- James I and the witches
- Scottish witch-pricker
- Home of a cunning woman
- Terror on Pendle Hill
- The ghoul next door
- The unholy Roman Empire
- The Witchfinder General
-The Basque witch trials
- The Wurzburg witch trials
- The Salem witch trials
- The end of witchcraft