Book of Incredible Earth (8th Edition)

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Published 14th December

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How the Earth was created? How do we predict the weather? What causes earthquakes? Which animals glow in the dark? And how did Yellowstone Park come to be so unique? The How It Works Book of Incredible Earth provides answers to all these questions and more as it takes you on a thrilling journey through everything you need to know about the world we live in. Covering the scientific explanations behind weather phenomena, plant life, extreme landscapes and volatile volcanoes, as well as the amazing creatures found throughout the animal kingdom, there is something for everyone to learn about and enjoy.

In this bookazine...

Incredible story of Earth
- Learn the fascinating history behind our amazing planet

50 amazing facts about weather
- We answer your burning questions about the incredible variety and awesome power of climactic phenomena

Extreme oceans
- Counting down the deepest, deadliest, stormiest and downright most hostile environments on Earth

The animal kingdom
- Find out why our family tree is a lot stranger than you might first think

Also inside...
Where does acid rain come from?
- The smell of rain
- Global wind patterns
- What are jumping sundogs?
- How do jet streams work?
- The sulphur cycle
- Cave weather
- Predicting the weather
- Lightning
- Firestorms
- How plants work
- Identify leaves
- Why do flowers smell?
- What are orchids?
- How the Venus flytrap kills
- Why is poison ivy so irritating?
- The world's deadliest plants
- The life of trees
- Woodland wildlife
- The importance of trees
- How do cacti live?
- How are plants cloned?
- How do air plants survive?
- Climbing plants explained
- Coffee plants
- Surviving extreme Earth
- Waterfall wonders
- The maze of Tsingy Bemaraha
- Antarctica explored
- Africa's acid lakes
- Glacier power
- Subterranean rivers
- Extreme oceans
- Flammable Lakes
- The phosphorus cycle
- Petrified forests
- The lithosphere
- Super volcanoes
- What is lava?
- The eruption of Mount St Helens
- Cave creation
- Mountain formation
- The Grand Prismatic Spring
- Who opened the Door to Hell?
- How do crater lakes form?
- How cenotes form
- How is coal formed?
- Stalagmite and stalactite formation
- What are fossils?
- Deadly sinkholes
- Why do fish have scales?
- Amazing animal architects
- Glow-in-the-dark animals