Book of Greatest Battles (8th Edition)

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Published 6th June 2019

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Much of history is determined by victories and defeats in battle. Such conflicts mark a turning point for the nations involved, having been fought in the name of defending their identity, ideals and population – or for causes close to the heart. War has been the chosen course for seeking resolution throughout time, from before the Persian invasion at Marathon in 490 BCE, to the Falklands War in 1982 and beyond. Through detailed battle maps and diagrams we will examine the strategies that guided some of the world’s most significant campaigns. You’ll read about the men who became heroes when they went beyond the call of duty and understand the impact of heavy bloodshed for all those on the frontline. Take a closer look at the equipment that would decide between success or failure, and uncover how such events have shaped the identity of societies across the globe.

Page Count: 164