The Train Book

The Train Book
Includes Shipping
The Train Book
Includes Shipping
The Train Book
Includes Shipping
The Train Book
Includes Shipping
Published 16th November 2017

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The Train Book charts the history of the beautiful machine which, more than any other form of transport, has changed the face of the world we live in today. We journey from the origin of rail travel in the 17th century, through the glorious age of steam, to the high-speed electric trains of today. Covering the development of railway networks in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, epic rail journeys across continents, and major technological leaps, this is an enthralling ride through the history of the train from the Rocket to the “bullet”. Packed with incredible photographs and memorabilia, this is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to learn more about the story of the train.

- Ruts to rails
- Rails to routes and minerals to passenger trains
- The railway age begins
- Railway mania
- Service development and locomotive power
- Going underground
- Social change
- Quest for speed
- French railways
- Epic rail journeys
- European railways
- American railways
- African railways
- Asian railways
- Trans-European glamour
- Wartime railways
- The golden age
- Royal trains
- Railway infrastructure
- Railway personnel
- Freight, mail and film
- Compromise and change
- Electrification
- Other railway systems
- The Channel Tunnel
- The TGV
- Shinkansen
- The future