Story of World War II (2nd Edition)

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Published 21st December

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The Second World War left its mark on almost every corner of the globe and nearly every family on it. In the All About History Story of World War II, you'll discover how the hostilities had their roots in the rise of fascism across Italy and Germany, and how this toxic ideology positioned itself as a bastion against the threat of communism in the Soviet Union and Asia. Explore how Japan's fear of this rising red tide, its thirst for modernity and need for a position on the world stage drove it to annex swathes of territory and pick a fight with the world's first superpowers. See how the resulting, massive and multistranded action saw technical innovations, new and sometimes underhanded tactics and some of the world's bloodiest-ever battles revolutionise what combat meant to the military, the political establishment and civilians. Finally, learn how the fallout from the 20th century's war of ideas still drives conflict in the world today.