Kate & Meghan

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Published 6th December 2018

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As Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were gradually introduced to the sphere of British royalty by their beloved princes, the world grew to know and love the duchesses they would become.

Looking back on their childhoods, Kate & Meghan uncovers what life was like for the young women before they hit the spotlight, from their school days and family life to their favourite pastimes. Discover the career opportunities Kate and Meghan explored after university, from Kate’s experience with the family business, to Meghan’s rise to stardom in Hollywood. Revisit their romantic courtships with the princes, both in and out of the public eye, and the beautiful weddings that enthralled a nation of well-wishers. Including an insight into Kate’s family and future as queen consort, there is also an in-depth feature on Meghan’s future as Duchess of Sussex and mother to a new royal baby.

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