History of War Annual Vol 4

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Published 8th November 2018

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Discover the true stories behind history’s greatest conflicts. Gathering the best content from the last year of History of War magazine, the History of War Annual provides an essential compendium of military history throughout the centuries, from Æthelstan’s 10th century unification of the newly Anglo-Saxon England under his rule to the Polish people taking back their capital from the Nazis; from the heroic efforts of the anti-slavery West Africa Squadron on the 19th century high seas to those of the US Air Force in the skies over Vietnam. This collection uncovers some of the most iconic battles of the past thousand years, delves deep into the lives of key figures and valiant heroes, and explores exciting military vehicles and weapons. Sit back and immerse yourself in extensive breakdowns of battlefield strategies and realities, including veteran interviews, expert analysis, and thrilling first-hand accounts.

Page Count: 164