Book of the Wild West

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Published 30th August 2018

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The All About History Book of the Wild West separates fact from fiction, uncovering the fights for survival and the gruelling trials of the American frontier. Trace the adventures that took people beyond the edge of the map in search of gold, new land and trade goods. Find out why Jesse James and his infamous gang robbed banks and trains and committed murder, how he met his grisly end and why he became an American legend. Learn about Native American heroes, like Geronimo and Sitting Bull, who fought desperately to hold on to their ancestral lands. Discover how the Battle of the Alamo helped shape a nation and why the Battle of Little Bighorn still resonates today. Packed with incredible images and insightful illustrations, this is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to discover the Wild West for themselves.

- How was the Wild West won?
- Discovering the American West
- The Rocky Mountain Fur Company
- The Indian Removal Act
- Davy Crockett
- The Texas Revolution
- Battle of the Alamo
- The Oregon Trail
- The Mexican-American War
- The State Made of Gold
- Last Orders at the Bar
- The Pony Express
- Civil War
- The Apache Wars
- Geronimo
- Wild Bill Hickok
- Jesse James
- The Great Sioux War
- Sitting Bull
- Battle of Little Bighorn
- Billy the Kid
- Gunfight at the OK Corral
- Buffalo Bill
- Wounded Knee Massacre
- Butch Cassidy
- Closing the American Frontier

Page Count: 148