Bike Maintenance Tips, Tricks & Techniques: Fourth Edition

Learn to fix and look after your bike
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Whether you’re cycling for sport or using it daily to commute to work, taking care of your bike is vital to your safety and your bike’s performance – and its longevity. In Bike Maintenance Tips, Tricks & Techniques we’ll take you through everything you need to know in order to tailor your bike and save a fortune when things go wrong. With the right equipment and a little bit of know-how, you’ll discover how to get the best out of your bike.

Basic tools and repairs
- Learn the essential fixes you’ll need to keep your bike running on a daily basis

Brakes and wheels 
- Keep the most important parts of your bike in peak condition with these handy guides

- Understand how your bike functions so you’re better able to remedy any issues you encounter

- Ensure you have the most comfortable ride possible by maintaining 

- Also inside... 
- Tools and equipment
- Fixing punctures
- Fixing chains
- Transmission and gear cable failures
- Safety checks
- Setting up V-, cantilever and calliper brakes
- Changing cables and brake blocks
- Installing and adjusting disc brakes
- Changing disc brake pads
- Bleeding hydraulic brakes
- Installing chains and cassettes
- Installing and adjusting derailleurs
- Fitting new gear cables
- Replacing chainrings
- Singlespeed riding
- Maintaining hub gears
- Servicing cup-and-cone hubs
- Truing wheels
- Inserting new spokes
- Building wheels
- The language of suspension
- Setting up and servicing front forks
- Setting up and servicing rear suspension
- Checking bottom brackets
- Installing new bottom brackets
- Adjusting headsets
- Servicing headsets
- Installing handlebars and stems
- Installing and servicing seatposts
- Servicing pedals
- Fitting accessories