Big Cats 5th Edition

Big Cats 5th Edition
Includes Shipping
Big Cats 5th Edition
Includes Shipping
Big Cats 5th Edition
Includes Shipping
Big Cats 5th Edition
Includes Shipping
Published 4th October 2018

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Tread carefully into the world of big cats, and stare into the yellow eyes of a killer as we track down incredible predators like the Amur leopard, the characteristic Eurasian lynx, and the enigmatic black panther. We travel from the snowy mountains of Central Asia to urban areas of Northern America to discover what goes bump in the night, with beautiful illustrations and photography of the most elusive members of the big cat family. In the second part of this book we take you on a safari to the heart of Africa to meet the most iconic creatures, from the flamboyant flamingo to the regal rhino. 

Inside you'll find:

- Wild cats of the world 
Enter into the world of some of the most beautiful mammals 

- All about African lions 
Get close and personal with the king of the savannah 

- Asiatic lion: Comeback king 
Slightly different from its African counterpart, this lion has clawed its way back from the brink of extinction 

- Tigers vs. lions 
The ultimate showdown with the two most famous felines 

- Endangered Siberian tiger 
Read the numbers about just how endangered this big cat is 

- All about leopards 
Delve deep into the story of this spotted feline 

- Secrets of the snow leopard 
Get closer to one of the most beautiful creatures on earth 

- All about the Amur leopard 
This rare big cat is making a comeback 

- All about jaguars
It may look like a leopard, but this big cat of the rainforest is unique 

- Mysteries of the panther 
This sleek onyx feline is the source of many legends 

- All about cheetahs 
One of the fastest animals on the planet, you better be sure to capture this cat’s beauty before he’s out of sight 

- Double life of the cougar
This Northern American cat is closing in on urban areas wand cities in order to survive 

- Senses of the Eurasian lynx 
This incredible creature’s senses are incredibly adapted 

- African Safari 
The Big Five of Africa are the true icons of this beautiful continent – take a tour of the land and its wildlife and see what it takes to travel to Kenya 

- All about African elephants 
These gentle giants are more like us than you’d expect, and exhibit intricate social behaviours 

- Journey with giraffes 
Discover how the long-necked inhabitants of the savannah live an interesting life - Saving the iconic rhino 
Tough as they may seem, the African rhinos are under threat, but all is not lost 

- Zebras: Strength in numbers 
These striped animals are amazingly adapted to the African wilderness – find out how

Page Count: 148