How It Works Issue 97

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How It Works is the science and technology magazine that feeds eager minds and inspires a sense of awe and wonder in the world around us. This issue, we bust some common myths and misconceptions about climate change, discover the science behind mind-bending optical illusions and say a fond farewell to Cassini as it begins its Grand Finale.

Climate Change Myths Busted:
We explain what the science says about global warming:
- Is climate change a conspiracy?
- Won’t warmer weather be better?
- Is global warming our fault?

Next-gen motorbikes
- The latest in two-wheeler tech, from self-balancing bikes to riderless concepts

Mind tricks
- Find out why optical illusions fool our brains, and try some out for yourself!

Hi-tech fitness
- How virtual reality and artificial intelligence gadgets will get us in shape

Cassini’s final mission
- What have we learned about Saturn from Cassini-Huygens?

Also inside... 
- Woodpeckers
- Crepuscular rays
- What is blossom?
- The tropics
- Car dashboards
- Sukhoi T-50 fighter jet
- Tandem bicycles
- Jetboards
- Elbow anatomy
- Chemical hand warmers
- Vitamins and minerals
- Brain cells
- Pressure suits
- Limescale and descalers
- Elements, mixtures and compounds
- 60 second science: heat transfer
- Inside the new MacBook Pro
- Minesweeper drones
- How does file compression work?
- Vending machines
- What is airglow?
- Space-based solar power
- Dark energy vs dark matter
- Future of the Solar System
- Dwarf planets
- Deadliest warriors
- Swiss Army knives
- Heroes of: Mary Anning
- The US Constitution
- Brown Bess muskets