How It Works Issue 118

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Published 1st November

Discover how the hardiest lifeforms survive and thrive in Earth's most inhospitable environments. Plus find out how NASA's next Mars mission will see inside the Red Planet, celebrate 100 years of the RAF and go behind the scenes to learn how talkies and Technicolor transformed cinema. 

Inside this issue:
  • Life at the extreme
  • Wells and aquifers
  • Biosphere 2
  • Small science
  • Can you trust your own brain?
  • How loud music damages your hearing
  • Skin anatomy
  • Hi-tech fashion
  • Disney's stunt robots
  • Inside the latest Apple Watch
  • NASA's InSight mission
  • How do you weigh a galaxy?
  • Multicolour mineral Moon
  • Evolution of the RAF
  • Baggage handling
  • How are cars recycled?
  • The Golden Age of Hollywood
  • How do we know that dinosaurs had feathers?
  • How Remembrance poppies are made

Plus the regulars…
  • Global eye news
  • Wish list
  • Brain dump Q&A
  • Book reviews
  • Brain gym puzzles
  • How to…make lava in a glass
  • Letters
  • Fast facts

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