How It Works Issue 116

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Published 6th September

This month we discover how search and rescue teams save lives, whether the Huawei P20 Pro could beat the iPhone and what life is like in a wolf pack.

Inside this issue:
  • Search and rescue
  • Navy ranks explained
  • Tarmac-laying machines
  • The science of pain
  • What are microRNA?
  • Why rudeness can be deadly
  • Dough chemistry
  • Life in the wolf pack
  • Water transport in plants
  • How strong are ants?
  • Heroes of: Jane Goodall
  • The Huawei P20 Pro
  • Peculiar power sources
  • How defibrillators restart hearts
  • Inside Amazon Go
  • What is a Space Force?
  • The Parker Solar Probe
  • VLBI explained
  • Mysteries of the Maya
  • The SS Richard Montgomery
  • Iguanodons

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