How It Works Issue 113

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Published 14th June

Discover the deadly danger that lurks below Yellowstone, meet the next generation of robopets and find out just how much science fact there is in your favourite science fiction films

Inside this issue:
How waves break
The world's biggest waterfall
The science of emotions
Dry ice
Why you lose your voice
Fake tan
Smelling salts
Organ donation
Rocket travel
Motorcycle helmets
Tyre marks
The Nissan BladeGlider
How does an airport work?
The Seattle Space Needle
Inside the Samsung Galaxy S9+
World Cup 2018 tech
The artificial pancreas
The UV Sense
Space vs Hollywood
Face in Space
Burping black holes
A comet's close call with Earth
Journey to America
History of the NHS
Cockney rhyming slang
Ship in a bottle puzzles
Heroes of history: Harold Gillies