How It Works Issue 112

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Published 17th May 

Discover what technological wonders await in the year 2050!

Inside this issue:
Global Eye news
Wish List
Life in 2050
Edible cutlery
Air purifiers
Inside the Apple HomePod
Get started with 3D printing
The Trans-Siberian Railway
International waters
The world's busiest station
How tarmac was invented
Airbus Beluga
Space weather
Heroes of space: Robert Lawrence
Ultraluminous X-ray sources
Jupiter's cyclones
The Trappist-1 system
Legendary science experiments
What makes hair straight, wavy or curly?
Why our ears pop
What's in a name?
How dialysis works
Behind the scenes: One Strange Rock
How birds breathe
Creative creatures
Cotton: from field to fabric
Inside Hampton Court Palace
The Gompertz Law
Malta's Hypogeum
Women's suffrage
How to play tlachtli
Strategy Guide: Splendor
Brain dump Q&A
Brain gym puzzles
How To: make mini gymnasts and build a stomp rocket
Fast Facts