How It Works Issue 109

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Published 22nd February

Find out how technology will revolutionise the battlefields of tomorrow, from laser weapons systems to biodegradable bullets. Plus, discover: creepy parasites, solar-powered flight, space junk dangers, placebo effect mysteries and modern-day dinosaurs.

- Future army tech

- Stand mixers
- EpiPens
- Bio-batteries
- Inside the iPhone X
- Space junk
- Fast radio bursts
- Globular clusters
- What if the Sun were replaced?
- Parasites: real-life body snatchers
- Heroes of… Norman Borlaug
- Mexico's poison cave
- Bat detectors
- What are frost quakes?
- How bees make honey
- Solar-powered planes
- How surfboards are made
- Hydraulic brakes
- Airplane window holes
- The power of placebo
- Faraday cages
- Brain banks
- How old is your body?
- Hyperthermia vs hypothermia
- Microwaves
- Why do cereals pop?
- Modern-day dinosaurs
- The porcelain tower of Nanjing
- Inside Florence Cathedral
- Brunel's block-making machines
- Fore-edge paintings

Plus the regulars:
- Global eye
- Brain dump
- Book reviews
- Brain gym
- How To experiments
- Letters
- Fast facts