How It Works Issue 106

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Published 30th November

In the latest edition of How It Works, discover where fantasy meets reality in a galaxy far, far away with our Science of Star Wars feature. We reveal the incredible life saving work of trauma teams, unearth the world's biggest dinosaur, check out the epic engineering of monster trucks, and find out what makes us mammals.

Also inside:
-Exploding seed pods
-Tornado Alley
-Ice cores
-60 Second Science: planet formation
-The gut: your second brain
-How bleach lightens hair
-Colour changing hair dyes
-Top 10 astronomical discoveries
-The Pencil Nebula
-The Shipping Forecast
-How to build a robot
-Time-lapse photography
-Barefoot shoes
-Roman concrete
-Was the Trojan horse real?
-The British Library

Plus our regular features:
-Global Eye news
-Brain dump
-Book reviews
-How To
-Fast Facts