How It Works Issue 105

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Published 2nd November 

In the latest edition of How It Works, discover how astronomers aim to reveal the mysteries of black holes in this month's cover feature. You'll also find 10 inventions that will change the world, some super-handy chemistry life hacks, amazing animal camouflage techniques and much more.

Also inside:
- 2018 astronomy calendar
- The ESO's AOF
- Cosmic radiation
- Communication with the ISS
- How to spot fake news
- Laser hair removal
- Desalination plants
- Window glazing
- Antibiotic resistance
- Superglue
- Seashell resonance
- Lise Meitner
- Wildflower meadows
- Fata Morgana mirages
- Why are some pigs' tails curled?
- Diving bell spiders
- Electric vs hydrogen vehicles
- What happens when lightning strikes aircraft?
- Cable ferries
- Driverless lorries
- Record-breaking royals
- The Domesday Book
- Cincinnati's secret subway
- How to win a duel
- The history of jeans