How It Works 6 Months Bundle

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How It Works The fact-packed science and technology magazine! Save 33% when you buy this How It Works 6 month bundle which includes 6 issues. Limited stock available!

Includes How It Works Issues 126/127/128/129/130/131

Inside issue 126: In our special dinosaur feature, we’ve spoken to the experts on prehistoric beasts at Eofauna about their latest discoveries, showing how dinosaurs looked, moved and even acted very differently to the way we thought. 

Inside issue 127: we probe the most curious aspects of your brain and how your mind works, with mind-blowing answers to some questions that scientists would have struggled to answer just 50 years ago: what makes some people intelligent and some stupid? How fast does you brain work? And what is ‘grey matter’?

Inside issue 128: In this issue of How It Works, we’re going to take you on a journey through the digestive system, from one end to the, err… other end! Discover how food is broken down, how nutrients eventually become part of your body, and how your brain plays a pivotal role in every stage of digestion.

Inside issue 129: Discover how 5G network technology goes way beyond simply streaming video faster on your mobile phone, and why this reliable and super-quick standard is itself a technology enabler: driverless cars, surgeons performing remote medical procedures, adverts on any surface, and 5G virtual lessons in a classroom near you.  

Inside issue 130: In our 10th anniversary special, we’ve been lucky enough to have visited a huge F-35 fighter jet factory in Texas. These  advanced air combat vehicles are popped out by the dozen in Lockheed Martin’s impressive, hi-tech, high-security Fort Worth facility, and you can find out exactly how they’re made, step by step.

Inside issue 131: Explore a world of classified hardware and super-sneaky gadgets, including bio-hacked insects, nano spy drones, facial recognition CCTV that can tell who you are and what you're doing, and 'smart dust'. Also this issue: ghost-hunting - explaining the science behind the paranormal, VR surgery training, how invisibility suits work, how the world's most spectacular rock formations were made, why the Berlin wall was built, and more. You can look forward to more augmented reality features in this issue too - just scan the pages in our AR zones and bring the magazine to life!

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