Quilting Step by Step

Quilting Step by Step
Includes Shipping
Quilting Step by Step
Includes Shipping
Quilting Step by Step
Includes Shipping
Quilting Step by Step
Includes Shipping
A technique of stitching together layers of textiles, quilting has existed for centuries all over the world. No longer a pat of make do and mend necessity, quilting has become and art form and a hobby for many.  With the help of a few essential tools, quilts, wall hangings and other quilted items can be crafted from scratch. Easy-to-follow tutorials in this book will guide you through every step of creating intricate patchwork and appliqué quilts.

In this bookazine...
verything you need to know to start creating beautiful quilts at home

Tools and materials
- There is a huge selection of specialised tools for quilting and we talk you through them all

Design principles and techniques
- Breaking patterns down into working units and planning blocks

- Basic techniques and different methods for patchworking

- The final stages of your quilt’s creation

Also inside...
- Hand piecing
- Machine piecing
- Pressing
- Four patch blocks
- Nine patch blocks
- Five and seven patch blocks
- String piecing
- Seminole patchwork
- Star blocks
- Pictorial blocks
- Folded patchwork
- English paper piecing
- Appliqué
- Hawaiian appliqué 
- Setting, sashing and borders
- Caring for quilts
- Glossary