History of War Issue 80

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Published 16th April

Seventy-five years ago, after years of bloodshed and unprecedented destruction across the continent, the guns fell silent in Europe. With Hitler dead, and the Western and Soviet Allies converging in the heart of the Third Reich, soon German soldiers everywhere were throwing down their arms. 

After the jubilation of the final peace began the painful task of counting the terrible cost six years of dreadful war had inflicted on the people of Europe. However, even as celebrations began for Victory in Europe Day, thousands faced uncertain futures in a new, much changed world. 

In a very special edition, commemorating 75 years since VE Day, History of War issue 80 spoke with two British veterans who fought their way across the continent, liberating towns and cities, and finally defeating Nazi Germany. They also share their mixed emotions as the guns fell silent on VE Day. 

Also as part of this special issue, two historians explore the tragic aftermath of the victory, as thousands of German soldiers faced often horrific conditions and uncertain futures as prisoners of war. Plus, you can discover the less well-known Prague Uprising, which saw resistance fighters heroically battle against determined Waffen SS occupiers. 

In issue 80's Great Battles, Mark Simner provides a blow-by-blow look at the Battles of Shipka Pass, during the Russo-Turkish War (1877-78), which saw skirmishes and bloody assaults in the unforgiving terrain of the Balkan Mountains. 

Elsewhere, Marc DeSantis reveals the prestigious career of one Virginian general who turned his back on the South to fight for the Union during the American Civil War. Master Sergeant Ola L. Mize is the subject of this issue's Heroes of the Medal of Honor regular feature – this officer is said to have killed several enemy combatants with nothing more than a shovel, during a desperate struggle in Korea. 

Also this issue, you'll find all the regular reviews, exhibition overviews, and the regular Artefact of War in the Homefront section of the magazine.