History of War Issue 71

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Published 8th August

This September marks 80 years since Nazi Germany invaded Poland – plunging the world into a second great global conflict. Although France and Britain responded in turn by declaring war on Hitler, Poland fought on alone against overwhelming odds. 

In History of War issue 71, renowned historian and author Roger Moorhouse explores how Polish forces organised the defence of their country, while also dispelling many popular myths about Germany’s ‘unstoppable’ Blitzkrieg. He also recalls the Wehrmacht’s horrific war crimes committed during the advance towards Warsaw.

Elsewhere this issue, we spoke with Lieutenant Colonel Harry Smith (Ret.) an Australian veteran of the Vietnam War. He reveals his hard fight while in command of over 100 men, during the grueling Battle of Long Tan. 

Also this month, you can discover the French fighter plane that was designed to rival the Bf.109 and the Spitfire, but ended up in German hands; find a blow-by-blow account of the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, which crippled the Byzantine Empire and sewed the seeds of the First Crusade; plus, tank veteran Richard Cutland reveals the secrets behind restoring a WWII tank.