History of War Issue 70

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Published 11th July

In the aftermath of the D-Day landings, Allied forces quickly set about establishing a solid foothold in Normandy. The city of Caen, in the British sector of the invasion, remained in German hands into July, despite being a 6 June objective, and as such soon became a focus of operations.

In History of War issue 70, historian and author Anthony Tucker-Jones recounts the epic Battle for Caen, fought 75 years ago by British and Canadian forces, revealing how the Desert Rats, fresh from the desert of North Africa, faced their greatest challenge in the lethal bocage terrain of northern France.   

Elsewhere in issue 70, Features Editor Tom Garner explores the incredible military campaign of Joan of Arc – he explores the lesser-known battles and sieges that followed the Maid’s triumph at Orléans. 

Also this month, RAF researcher Stuart Hadaway takes a look inside one of Italy’s prolific but often overlooked medium bombers, the Savoia-Marchetti SM.79, used widely in WWII’s Mediterranean theatre and beyond. 

Elsewhere, you’ll also find features on the 20 July Plot that almost killed Hitler; first-hand accounts from the Treaty of Versailles proceedings; plus the thrilling account of a bayonet charge hero during the Korean War.