History of War Issue 69

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Published 13th June

This summer marks 75 years since some of WWII’s most terrifying weapons were launched across Europe. In the final year of the war, V-1 flying bombs and V-2 rockets, Hitler’s ‘vengeance’ weapons, rained down on London and Antwerp, inflicting immeasurable damage and claiming thousands of civilian lives. History of War issue 69 explores how this terror campaign was unleashed, taking you inside the secret bunkers from which the missiles were launched and recounting how Allied air forces were able to silence them.

Also in this issue, we spoke with Parachute Regiment and SAS veteran Alastair Mackenzie, who served across the world, from the Vietnam War to Northern Ireland. This issue’s Great Battles takes you inside the clash at Aliwal, during the First Anglo-Sikh War, where British cavalry faced off against disciplined infantry square formations. 

The US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Robert Johnson, spoke with History of War about the legacy of D-Day and its impact on the ‘special relationship’; this issue’s VC Heroes recalls the brave actions of Gurkha rifleman Rambahadur Limbu; and historian John Prados concludes his series on the origins of the USA’s Office of Strategic Services.