History of War Issue 68

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Published 16th May 

In this special issue, History of War marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Over 175,000 Allied servicemen and women took part in the historic operation, which remains the largest amphibious invasion in history and an important turning point in WWII.    

Inside the issue, you will find interviews with veterans from Gold and Sword beach, who took part in the landings, sweeping deadly mines from the beaches and repairing vehicles to support the onward offensives into Occupied France.  

We also have expert analysis of the Allied air campaign by renowned historian James Holland. He explains why air power was so crucial to the success of Operation Overlord, and describes how American and British airmen achieved superiority over the skies of Western Europe. 

Elsewhere we also plus a detailed account of the critical paratrooper and glider missions that helped secured the beachheads; leading experts recount the critical intelligence war between German and Allied spies and code-breakers in the build up to the 6 June invasion; plus you can take a look inside the C-47 Dakota – the iconic aircraft that carried paratroopers across the channel into France.