History of War Issue 67

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Published 18th April

From the debut of the Mark I in 1916, to the devastating attack of the Abrams and Challengers in Desert Storm, tanks have played an important and often decisive role on battlefields around the world. In this special issue of History of War, we asked experts and historians to pick their ‘greatest’ tanks from across the century and around the world. Of course, comparing a Panzer I with a T-80 would be facile, so our ‘50 Greatest’ list is made based on contributions to and importance within the history of the tank, be it accurate weaponry, or impenetrable armour. 

Elsewhere in issue 67, you will find in-depth features on: 

- Corsairs and Kamikazes: WWII veteran reveals his experience protecting Britain’s ‘forgotten’ Pacific Fleet.
- Re-creating a Lancaster cockpit: A new film production reveals how it used a Haynes manual to construct a unique set of the iconic bomber’s interior.
- Great Battles. Golan Heights: Blow-by-blow of the epic tank clash during the Yom Kippur War.
- Medal of Honor Heroes:  Robert H. McCard. Read the thrilling account of this Marine’s sacrifice in the Battle of Saipan.
- Origins of the Guardia Civil: Spain’s military police force was founded 175 years ago.