History of War Issue 65

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Published 21st February 

In the same way that aircraft heralded a new, previously unimagined combat in the sky, so too did submarines radically change the bitter struggle for dominance over the seas. In both cases, the lessons and developments of the First World War brought about even more effective and deadlier doctrines for the next global conflict. 

Issue 65 explores perhaps the most infamous WWII tactic – the ‘Rudeltaktik’, or ‘wolfpack tactics’. WWI veteran Karl Dönitz brought his first-hand experience of German U-boat doctrine, as well as new radio technology and improved submarine capability, to unleash this devastating naval campaign, which took vulnerable Allied shipping by storm.

Elsewhere in this issue, in the second of his two-part Women of Bletchley series, Tom Garner spoke with Betty Webb, who worked in the famous code-breaking facility, as well as the HQ of the US Department of Defense – the Pentagon.

This month’s Frontline section explores the turbulent French Wars of Religion, and the Great Battles recounts blow-by-blow the critical Battle of Saratoga during the American War of Independence.