History Of War Issue 55

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Published 17th May 

After the success of the D-Day landings, the Allies still had a long way to go to liberate France. Among the forces standing in their way were several SS Panzer Divisions – some of the most fanatical and feared units defending the Third Reich.

Understrength, poorly supplied and in many cases inexperienced in combat, these divisions nonetheless put up a tremendous defence, as British, Canadian and American forces pressed forward with the Allied invasion. History of War issue 55 explores how these ferocious divisions fought to stop the Allies, as well as some of the tragic, and horrific, stories that unfolded in doing so.

Also in issue 55, former head of the British military Lord Bramall discusses his prestigious career, from fighting in WWII, to commanding forces in Germany and later masterminding the San Carlos Landings on the Falkland Islands.

Elsewhere you will also find a blow-by-blow of Napoleon's crowning victory at Friedland; an illustrated breakdown of the P-51 Mustang; rare photos from within the Nazi invasion of Poland; a first-hand account of the Warsaw Uprising 1944, and more.