History of Royals Issue 16

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Napoleon in Exile
Beaten but far from broken, it took an island to cage Europe's most dangerous man

Adored and adorned: Empress Eugénie
The fashion legacy of France's most popular consort

The secret prince
As tragedy struck the House of Windsor upon the death of Prince John, whispers coldness turned the king into Britain's biggest villain

The Sture murders
In 1567, King Erik XIV of Sweden went on a rampage, but what was the story behind this tale of madness and murder?

His Majesty's Menagerie
Inside the long lost Medieval zoo at the Tower of London

Margaret of Austria
How one European princess negotiated her way around a man's world to become one of the most remarkable women of her generation

WIN A royal day out at The Royal Yacht Britannia

Style tips from Queen Elizabeth I

The House of Stuart

Linderhof Palace

Richard III's Boar Badge