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Our guides and specials are specialist one-off publications about your favourite hobby or interest. From music to gaming, tech to photography, there's something for everyone. They'll even make wonderful gifts for friends and family who are interested in learning more about their preferred topic.

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Life's Little Mysteries

The Story of Jesus

Book of Richard III & the Plantagenets

Coding Made Simple

Book of Greek Mythology

Videogames Hardware Handbook - Volume 2

Fender Stratocaster Handbook

History of London

History of Nazi Germany

Real Crime Manson Murders

History of Judaism

America at War


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Ultimate 80s Retro Gaming Collection

Book of the Ottoman Empire

Classic Rock Special: Iron Maiden

Classic Rock Special: Legends of the 70s

History of Magic

History of Folklore, Fairytales and Monsters

Royal Dynasties

Ultimate Guide to Fantasy Gaming

Anatomy Essentials

Hacker's Manual 2019

Canon Advanced Handbook

History of War D-Day