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Our guides and specials are specialist one-off publications about your favourite hobby or interest. From music to gaming, tech to photography, there's something for everyone. They'll even make wonderful gifts for friends and family who are interested in learning more about their preferred topic.

Please note: for guaranteed delivery before Christmas Day, orders must be placed by the following dates. 

UK - Friday 14th December

Western Europe - Monday 10th December

Rest of Europe - Wednesday 5th December

USA & Rest of the World - Wednesday 28th November

2019 Annuals

The best of your favourite magazine in one place!

Our fantastic Annuals collect the most successful & popular features, articles and content from the last year, beautifully packaging it into Guides that are perfect as gifts for friends and family this Christmas! 

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New In

Book of the Cold War

Mindful Fitness

World of Animals Annual

iPhone X: The Complete Manual

iPad: The Complete Manual

Drones: The Complete Manual

Sgt. Pepper Book

Classic & Vintage Guitars

Ultimate Travel Bucket List

101 Places to Visit Before You Die

Your Serenity

Tasty Guide: Paleo

Best Sellers

60 Second Science

The Astrophotography Book

Retro Gamer Annual Vol. 5

Book of Stalin

Photoshop Creative Annual

History of the Occult

Book of Georgians

ImagineFX Annual 2019

Book of Greek Mythology

Ultimate Superhero Collection

How It Works Annual 2019

The Ultimate 80s Collection