Our magazines make lovely gifts for women.

With a variety of specialist hobbies and interests to read up on, they're perfect for learning a new skill or enjoying a bit of 'me time'. Whether she enjoys knitting or puzzles, designing or making, there's plenty of titles to choose from. And if you're still not quite sure which magazine to choose, don't worry because we have a selection of gift vouchers which will be ready to post to her in just a few days.

Magazine Subscriptions

Our magazine subscriptions have 13 issues published each year which offers plenty of reading material about their favourite hobby or interest. With so much to choose from, they'll be spoilt for choice.

Don't worry if they've missed an issue of particular interest either. We stock up to 6 month's worth of single magazine back issues, including the current issue, to ensure that they don't miss out on your favourite read.


Paint & Draw

Digital Camera

Photoshop Creative

Digital Photographer

History Of Royals

World Of Animals

Guides & Specials

These are one-off specialist publications which cover popular hobbies and interests. From history magazines to photography magazines, and knowledge magazines to design magazines, there's a book for everyone.

World of Animals: Book of Dogs & Canines (1st ed)

How It Works: Book of Incredible History (8th ed)

How It Works: Book Of The Elements (6th ed)

How It Works: Inside The Human Body

World of Animals: Book of the Animal Kingdom (3rd ed)

World of Animals: Book of Big Cats & African Wildlife (3rd ed)

How it Works: Book of Extreme Weather (2nd ed)

How It Works: Book of Incredible Earth (6th ed)

The Women's High Intensity Training Book

Sewing For Beginners

The Mindfulness Book

Kate's Style

Crochet for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners (7th ed)

The Quilting Book

Embroidery for Beginners

Handmade Interiors

Illustrate with Photoshop Genius Guide (6th ed)

Your Handmade Wedding

Quilting & Patchwork For Beginners (2nd ed)

Stitching for Beginners

3D Make & Print (5th ed)

Me Time! Issue 3

Extreme Dot To Dot: Works of Art (2nd ed)

Me Time & Dot to Dot Pack

Colour Calm Presents: Dot to Dot Issue 6

Paint & Draw Collection: Volume 1

Teach Yourself Outdoor Photography

Teach Yourself Lightroom

Canon Beginner's Handbook

Nikon Beginner's Handbook

Outdoor Landscape & Nature Photography

Bike Maintenance Tips, Tricks & Techniques (4th ed)

The Fitness Book

Bow International Guide to Archery (2nd ed)

Start Your Own Business 2016

Tribute to Princess Diana

The Complete Guide To Your Smart Home

Teach Yourself Photoshop Elements (4th ed)

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