Great British Railway Posters

The story of the railway told through its most nostalgic and celebrated art.
Great British Railway Posters

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Come with us on a journey through over one hundred and fifty years of the railway's most celebrated posters. From bathing beauties and dream destinations to the locomotives of the steam age, these nostalgic treasures give a glimpse into a fondly remembered past. They tell the story not just of the railways but of a changing nation…

Features include:
  • Over 100 stunning posters from the National Railway Museum collection.
  • The Early Years - from hand bills to classic characters like Skegness's Jolly Fisherman.
  • The Interwar Golden Age - celebrate the greatest posters of GWR, SR, LNER and LMR...
  • British Rail - see how British Rail nationalisation changed railway posters in the 1970s.



Published: February 2014

Pages: 132

Dimensions:  300 x 232 mm