Discover Your Family's Occupations

The essential guide to tracing your working ancestors
Discover Your Family's Occupations

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Discovering what your forebear did for a living can give you an unparalleled insight into their day-to-day life and this guide will give you expert advice on uncovering your families hidden stories. 
This special magazine is dedicated to helping you uncover more about the working lives of your ancestors.
You'll learn about the amazing histories of some of the oldest trades in the country from blacksmiths to butchers, bakers to fishermen.
You'll find a comprehensive history of the occupation featured, what it meant to be involved in that trade and crucially the records and resources you'll need to track down your family members who were part of it.
Contents Include;
  • Farmers - the most common of our ancesters labored on the land
  • Blacksmiths - Smith by name or smith by profession
  • Teachers - we give you a short lesson in tracing your ancestors who were involved in education
  • Domestic workers - we take a look at those who moved up in the world by becoming servants
  • Women at war - females filling the gaps in factories and elsewhere
  • Plus much more!

Published: September 2013
Pages: 162
Dimensions: 297 x 210mm