Xbox: The Official Magazine March 2018 Issue 161

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Published 9th February

Welcome aboard, readers! This month we've raided the pirate outpost more commonly known as Rare’s Twycross HQ to exclusively speak to the team, play the game, and find out why the multiplayer adventure is going to be one of the most fun social games on Xbox One. Do you want to know what plans Rare has for expanding its piratical playground? There’s only one place to find out, and you won’t need to go on a three day voyage and slice up skeletons to find out.

That’s not all we’ve smuggled into this month’s issue, of course. We’ve also spoken to Roar Uthaug, director of the new Tomb Raider movie, to find out how they’re making Lara Croft more badass – and more believable – than ever before. He doesn’t pull any punches either, as we found out when we asked him what Alicia Vikander had to go through during filming.

Of course, it isn’t all punching and pirating. We’ve also dug up some brand new details about Ooblets, the best RPG featuring violent vegetables that you’ll play this decade. Actually, probably this century come to think of it. We speak to the team behind the game, and exclusively reveal three new veggies inside.

Want more new games? You got it. We reveal a new fighter in Soulcalibur VI, go hands-on with Far Cry 5, and chat to the team behind Ashen. There are plenty of reviews this month, too. Get our exclusive verdict on Dragon Ball FighterZ, Into The Woods, and many more. We’ve got over 25 games in the issue, so there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

Finally, we end our voyage with the Extra section, which this month features a look back at Remedy’s torch-wielding writer Alan Wake, a list of the best-dressed characters on Xbox, and a look at the latest developments in the controversial Destiny 2. Does it live up to the expectations of its players? Well, no – but we’ve tried to find out why not. Sounds like a long voyage, right? It should tide you over until Sea Of Thieves launches at the end of March.