Xbox: The Official Magazine June 2019 Issue 177

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Published 3rd May

Control! We get hands-on with the latest game from Remedy, as we visit their Helsinki HQ to speak to the team behind their latest action/adventure game. You can find out just what we made of this super-powered surreal shooter/adventure this month in OXM!

The Elder Scrolls Online keeps going from strength to strength, and we spoke to the man in charge of Zenimax Online’s fantasy MMORPG, Matt Firor, to find out more about what went into making the game’s latest huge chapter, Elseweyr. One year on and Sea Of Thieves is getting a whole ocean-full of new content, and we speak to Rare about the latest anniversary updates to a game that keeps getting better and better. We also celebrate the Heroes of Xbox as we round up our 30 favourite characters in Xbox games.

Then we have in-depth previews of new games including Borderlands 3, Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, The Sinking City,  Wolfenstein: Youngblood and more. Plus all the news, reviews and more from Xbox world!