Xbox: The Official Magazine January 2017 Issue 146

Prepare yourselves for a fright with the in-depth look at the insane horror Prey!

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Brace yourself, interstellar test subjects, because this month’s Official Xbox Magazine explores the incomprehensible horrors of space in our mighty 10-page blowout on Prey. This sinister slice of science-fiction is the latest project from the developers of Dishonored, and we’ve been behind all sorts of closed doors and sealed airlocks to bring you all of the details on this simulated space station.

But if the thought of cosmic experiments gone wrong doesn’t chill you to the core, we’ve also been hands-on with a more domestic type of terror in the form of Resident Evil VII. We’ve sat down in the dark and played it for hours, risking cardiac arrest and embarrassing whimpers to bring you the latest info on Capcom’s reinvention of the franchise.

Our Preview section kicks off in style with a complete introduction to the brand new setting of Mass Effect: Andromeda, as well as revealing the game’s pioneer narrative and a host of natty new gameplay features. And returning from deep space, we bundled into a boat and set sail with Rare’s piracy simulation Sea Of Thieves, making sure to plunder all sorts of precious and informative booty for you, dear reader.

Our Review section is positively overflowing this month, jam-packed with our definitive judgements on all the big-name games competing for your end-of-year attention. Leading the charge is Dishonored 2, and we booked a lengthy vacation in sunny Karnaca to bring you our authoritative verdict on this supernatural stealth sequel. What’s more, we have the last word on Watch Dogs 2, Hitman and Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare to boot.

Our spectacular Extra section rounds out this month’s Xbox extravaganza, hosting an in-depth retrospective on the genre-defining Half-Life 2, as well as dispatches from The Division and a mod-packed playthrough of Skyrim: Special Edition. Our spooky final segment ranks the 15 scariest moments in Xbox history. Which game terrified the team most? Pick up this month’s OXM to find out.