Xbox:The Official Magazine February 2018 Issue 160

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Published 12th January

Happy new year, readers! We partied so hard over the holiday that we’ve only just stumbled back into the office, holding our heads and muttering about chocolate coins. Thankfully we’ve got something to perk us up in the form of our huge 2018 preview feature! We’ve pulled together the latest information on all the biggest games from the next 12 months so you can prepare yourself for another epic year for Xbox. From Anthem to Tomb Raider, we’ve got all the info you need on the games you want to play.

If that all sounds a bit exhausting after your new year celebrations, why not take a break with our roundup of the best games on Backwards Compatibility? We’ve taken a trip back in time to bring you the best games from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 eras, along with our original OXM verdicts from back in the day. Ahh, sweet nostalgia – we’re feeling better already.

We also took some time out to chat to Hajime Tabata about the successes of Final Fantasy XV, quizzed Yuji Korekado about what Metal Gear Survive will be like. Want to know more about the weird crystalline creatures, and whether there’s a chance of Snake appearing? Read our extended preview to find out more.

The reviews section this month is lead by the biggest game of 2017, PUBG. It might still be in Game Preview, but we’ve spent hours playing the battle royale megahit to tell you how it plays on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Following close behind you’ll find our reviews of Hello Neighbor, Okami HD and many more.

Finally, just as we start to feel like 2018 might not be so bad after all, we reach the Extra section. This month, following Visceral’s closure, we’ve been looking back at Dead Space, as well as revisiting Prey and waxing lyrical about Mass Effect’s Citadel. Why not celebrate the new year by picking up this issue? Cheers!