The Ultimate Guide to Destiny

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It's the mag Destiny fans have been waiting for! This 148-page special celebrates the epic shooter and new expansion The Taken King, and features concepts cut from the game, incredible fan projects, collectibles guides and free items for your Guardian.
Here at GamesRadar+ we’ve been returning to Destiny every night for the past 11 months, and we’re not alone. Over 20 million registered players have taken part, with active players clocking up averages of three hours per day
inside the shared-world experience. We’ve experienced Raids together, and we’ve all huddled around Xûr at weekends. We’ve abused the infamous loot cave and mourned its loss. We’ve recorded legendary PvP victories
and suffered humiliating defeats. We’ve cheesed Strikes and rinsed Patrol missions. Through it all we’ve shared stories and debated tactics, not just between ourselves but with you as well. And it’s those discussions that
have led to this first edition of GamesRadar+ Presents. You’ll find even more about Destiny over on
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Revisit twelve months of multiplayer mayhem with Destiny’s PvP phenomenon.
Studio Tour
Take a peek inside Bungie’s doors and discover the team behind the game.
The Interview
Engineering lead Luke Timmins talks updates, The Taken King and Gjallarhorn.