SNES: The Complete Manual First Edition

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In SNES The Complete Manual, we celebrate everything about this iconic system, from its brilliant software and memorable peripherals to the designers and developers that helped bring it to life. Read on and let the nostalgia trip commence.

Collector’s guide
- Review the essential hardware and software that should be a part of any SNES collection

Greatest Games
- Count down the best games to ever grace the SNES. Did you favourite make the list?

Iconic Characters
- Revisit the games that turned Mario, Link and Samus into bona fide gaming icons

Developer Interviews
- Discover the inside stories behind your favourite games with in-depth developer interviews

Also inside...
- Retroinspection: SNES
- Perfect 10 games
- Classic Moments: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
- Ultimate Guide to Axelay
- Spotlight On Street Fighter II Turbo
- The Making of Super Metroid
- Classic Moments: Wild Guns
- Mode 7 heaven
- Classic Moments: Contra III: The Alien Wars
- The Making of Super Mario World
- Classic Moments: Super Turrican
- RPG heaven: The greatest SNES RPGs of all time
- Classic Moments: The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja
- Spotlight on Super Mario Kart
- The Making of Super Star Wars trilogy
- Classic Moments: F-Zero
- Top 25 SNES games