Retro Gamer Bundle

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This bundle includes Retro Gamer Annuals 2 & 3, and Retro Gamer Book of Arcade Classics Second Edition
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Retro Gamer Annual Volume 2
In this bookazine...

How The PlayStation Changed Gaming
- Popular developers reveal how Sony's first console dominated the industry and changed everything forever

Gaming's Biggest Disasters
- From the Power Glove and Virtual Boy to Daikatana and the Atari Jaguar, we highlight the industries biggest bombs

The Making Of Space Harrier
- Ys Suzuki exclusively reveals how a failed arcade project become one of Sega's most exciting shooters

The Elite Story
- David Braben celebrates three decades of Elite by discussing every game in the classic series

Also inside...
- The Greatest Multiplayer Games Ever!
- The Bluffer's Guide To Point-And-Click Adventures
- The Elite Story
- The Greatest NES Games
- Ultimate Guide: Lemmings
- Celebrating The Sega Saturn
- Gaming's Biggest Disasters
- The Making Of Space Harrier
- The Evolution Of Pokémon
- Top 25 ZX81 Games
- Ultimate Guide: 1942
- How PlayStation Changed Gaming
- Top 25 Sports Games
- The Making Of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
- Arcade Perfect: 20 Years Of Neo-Geo
- The Bluffer's Guide To Shoot-’Em-Ups

Retro Gamer Annual Volume 3
In this bookazine...

The Story Of Sonic The Hedgehog
- Takashi Iizuka explains how Sonic became a huge success for Sega

Inside The Commodore 64
- We reveal the creation of the world’s best selling 8-bit home computer 

The History Of OutRun
- Sega all-stars, including Yu Suzuki, look back at the classic coin-op racer

20 Years Of Quake
- John Romero and others reveal the history behind id Software’s incredible FPS

Also inside...
- The Making Of Combat
- Ultimate Guide: Renegade
- Top 25 BBC Micro Games
- Ultimate Guide: Star Wars
- The Making Of Saboteur
- The Chronicles Of Midnight
- 30 Years Of Codemasters
- Ultimate Guide: Head Over Heels
- Celebrating The Macintosh
- The Making Of Blue Lightning
- Sega’s Big Gamble
- The Legacy Of Street Fighter II
- Ultimate Guide: Burger Time
- From The Archives: Acclaim
- The Making Of Walker
- Minority Report: Amiga 500
- The Making Of WipEout 2097
- Super Mario 64: Nintendo’s 3D Game changer
- Retro Revival: Inside Outing

Retro Gamer Book of Arcade Classics Second Edition
In this bookazine...

When Arcades Ruled The World
- We speak to classic developers and reveal how arcades dominated the gaming scene in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties

The Making Of Pac-Man
Discover how Toru Iwatani created his incredible maze game and one of gaming's most iconic characters

The Evolution Of Street Fighter
We reveal how Capcom's one-on-one fighter went from an also ran to a heavyweight contender

The Legacy Of Dragon's Lair
Discover how Don Bluth created one of the world's most iconic laserdisc games in the early Eighties.

Also inside...
- Retro Revival: Pong
- The Making Of Computer Space
- From The Archives: Nutting Industries
- Retro Revival: Star Wars
- Unconverted: Tinkle Pit
- The Legacy Of Robotron
- Coin-Op Capers: Donkey Kong
- The Making Of OutRun
- From The Archives: Atari Inc
- Ultimate Guide: Mr. Do!
- Ultimate Guide: Ghouls and Ghosts
- The Evolution Of Street Fighter
- Coin-Op Capers: Missile Command
- The Making Of Space Invaders
- Retro Revival: Golden Axe
- Ultimate Guide: Bomb Jack
- Unconverted: Mach Breakers
- The Making Of Paperboy
- Retro Revival: Asteroids
- The Making Of Ridge Racer
- The Making Of Pointblank
- The Story Of Strider
- Unconverted: Zero Gunner
- Coin-Op Caper: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles