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Credit/Debit Card or PayPal 1 Year
Credit/Debit Card or PayPal 1 Year
Credit/Debit Card or PayPal 1 Year
Credit/Debit Card or PayPal 1 Year

Official Xbox Magazine delivers what only an official magazine can: exclusive access to the biggest Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and the people who make them. It is the number one choice for the informed Xbox fan, offering first-looks at the hits of tomorrow, reviews of biggest games of today and celebrations of Xbox’s vast library of hits. The mag’s comprehensive sweep and accessible tone appeals to gamers of all ages, from the hardened veteran with three generations of console under their belt to the modern Minecraft addict only just discovering Microsoft’s gaming heritage.

Publication frequency: 13 issues a year


From the Editor

"Xbox One is all about making life easier: what other console can you control by sitting back and barking instructions at the TV? So doesn't it make sense to make your Official Xbox Magazine experience easier, too? Subscribe and you rule out that tedious walk to the shops and having to fight with fellow customers for the last remaining copy – and with a magazine this good, there will be fights.
OXM is packed with exclusive previews of new games, insider expertise, brilliant features from the best writers in the industry and a reviews section that you can really trust to direct you to the very best new releases. Whether it's our print edition, with a free gift every month, or our digital edition packed with bonus trailers, screenshot galleries and exclusive audio commentary, it really is the ultimate Xbox package.
So repeat after me: “Xbox! Please subscribe to OXM.” (Er, you'll have to fill in the forms by hand.)"
Matthew Castle, Editor - Official Xbox Magazine


"Is it just me or is this magazine getting better every time I buy it? I have every issue since the very first one and I will continue to buy it! These guys are doing such a fantastic job, considering I am studying computer games and multimedia development at university this magazine adds some sort of sanity to my busy and stressful life! Thanks Guys!" - Olpray

"Really like the mag. I never miss an issue keep up the good work!" - Toonreaper

"Excellent magazine Excellent magazine great value" - Ant Bostock

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