Official Xbox 360 Mag. November 13

Dead Rising 3
Official Xbox 360 Mag. November 13

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In Official Xbox 360 Magazine November Issue 104
Dead Rising 3 played, GTA 5 reviewed, master Call of Duty Ghosts online and more… 
Xbox One is just round the corner, and we've got hand-on impressions of the biggest new games: Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Respawn's astonishing Titanfall. There's also a first look at co-op adventure Fable Heroes, and advice on how to rule the leaderboards in Call of Duty Ghosts online, care ofthe developers and pro gamers who've been playing it. 
There's some advice from Edwin, too, although he died a lot. Reviews are headlined by the mighty GTA 5 and Diablo 3, both of which could easily consume the rest of your free time this year, Volition tells us about the last days of THQ (and what might happen to Red Faction) and there's welcome news of new XCOM coming this year.