GamesMaster January 2018 Issue 325

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Published 21st December 

It’s a packed issue this month as we round up the 100 greatest games of 2018 and beyond in our huge preview feature. Inside you’ll find the latest on everything from The Last Of Us Part II, to Red Dead Redemption 2, to Sea Of Thieves, to Spider-Man, and many more! (Exactly 96 more, in fact.) If there’s a game that needs to be on your radar, it’s in here.

Elsewhere we’ve got our breakdown of the Star Wars loot box saga, a packed reviews section featuring the month’s biggest releases, the latest on 2018’s weirdest game-to-film adaptation, our profile of the world’s most adorable dog cosplayer, and loads of other brilliant coverage of the world of gaming across all formats.

Treat yourself to the best Christmas present around - a brand new shiny GamesMaster!