Edge October 2019 Issue 336

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Published 15th August

Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Sky: Children Of The Light, Nowhere Prophet, Dr. Mario World, Stranger Things 3:The Game, Fantasy Strike.

The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, John Wick Hex, Marvel’s Avengers, Kine, The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan, River City Girls.

Come Together
The co-creator of Halo assembles a team of youth and experience to push the sci-fi shooter in a thrilling new direction with Disintegration.

Direct Action
After 27 years in games, comics and books, Rebellion plots its boldest development yet.

Binary Domain
Thirty years after the Wall fell, games are exploring what it means to remember a divided Germany.

The Making Of…
How two developers learned the importance of picking your battles with Into The Breach.

Studio Profile
The Chinese Room on the long, transformative walk from research team to videogame studio.

Time Extend
How the world’s most stylish prisoners stole our hearts in Persona 5.